Puerto Rico must be supported, strengthened, and encouraged. 

Transformation rests in the hands of the island’s youth who see no frontier and who will inherit the effects of policies developed and implemented today.

Puerto Rico’s transformation must be focused on developing young people’s leadership at all levels and their active participation in the solutions. 

Puerto Rico’s Strengths

Some of Puerto Rico’s strengths that practitioners on the Island have identified as key components for Puerto Rico’s future viability are:


Puerto Rico as the Education Center of the Caribbean

The University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus (UPRM) has been recognized as being among the top engineering schools in the US and its territories. 

We advocate for renewed investment in the state university system, particularly the Mayaguez campus, with an eye toward strengthening the education at the University, creating incubators that support the ideas that Puerto Rico needs for its transformation, and attracting to the University top talent in its field. 

Puerto Rico can commence its transformation by investing in its students!

Expand UPRM Partnerships

Support local efforts with government, philanthropic, and private funding.



Invest in ideas and solutions that will introduce new technologies on the island so that Puerto Rico and its residents will the recipients of this innovation


Presto Fund

Local efforts are underway throughout the island to create business incubators supported by angel funding, crowdsourcing, and venture capital.  The island must continue to support strong economic growth, reward innovation, and ensure that the country as a whole benefit from attracting and supporting these creative individuals and companies. 

We must be focused on creating an environment where the brightest want is to stay in Puerto Rico. 

It all starts with a vision of itself as the future of global innovation.

Based on Education, Entrepreneurship & Technology, Puerto Rico can generate the following byproducts: