Tourism will continue to be a component of Puerto Rico’s economic engine.  However, the tourist industry in Puerto Rico must be transformed to meet the current demand of the tourist and to anticipate future trends in destination services.

The West Coast has been severely untapped for tourism.

Any investment into developing the tourist attractions of Puerto Rico must include an expansion of the flights into and out of the airport in Aguadilla. 

Inconsistent attempts have been made to tap into the potential ecotourism sites that abound in the west coast. For example, Rincon’s beaches and surf have attracted some interest, but not sufficient to impact the continued development of the entire west coast economy. 

Because of these attempts, Puerto Rico must undertake a comprehensive planning of its tourism potential with a particular emphasis on the future development of the west coast. 

If the planning process around the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez results in the expansion of a University City, then the conditions in and around Mayaguez must also change.  As more students and professors are attracted to Mayaguez, the demand for housing will expand. 


Tourism is an important sector of Puerto Rico's expansion and essential for the island's future development.