Puerto Rico One’s goal is to provide information to continue raising questions about the conditions that our island faces and the plans that are being put forth about the future of Puerto Rico.



We seek to enlist voices from among the 9 million Puerto Rican from around the world and the countless many who support Puerto Rico’s long-term viability and redevelopment.




Puerto Rico’s transformation must be focused on developing young people’s leadership at all levels and their active participation in the solutions.  






Puerto Rico as the Education Center of the Caribbean

We advocate for renewed investment in the state university system, particularly the Mayaguez campus, with an eye toward strengthening the education at the University, creating incubators that support the ideas that Puerto Rico needs for its transformation, and attracting to the University top talent in its field. 

Puerto Rico can commence its transformation by investing in its students!

Expand UPR-Mayaguez Partnerships

Puerto Rico One advocates for the support of local efforts at UPR-Mayaguez to create such Public Private Partnerships lead by the University and supported with firm funding. 


Puerto Rico’s future is ostensibly liked to its ability to innovate and introduce new technologies that responds to the demands of the 21st century. The after effects of the two hurricanes of 2017 only showed how much of an Achilles heel the inadequate energy grid and technology infrastructure has been in Puerto Rico for many decades. Now that the island has the opportunity to install something new, opportunities abound. Puerto Rico One encourage policies that attract and support businesses that will have a dual bottom-line to its mission.

Local efforts are underway throughout the island to create business incubators supported with angel funding, crowd sourcing, and venture capital.  The island must continue to support strong economic growth, reward innovation, and ensure that the country as a whole benefits from attracting and supporting these creative individuals and companies. 

We must be focused on creating an environment where the brightest want is to stay in Puerto Rico.  It all starts with a vision of itself as the future of global innovation.

Vaca de investigación, por Elimar Ruiz.
Local campaigns can be developed to support local famers and the tourist industry can adopt ratings for local consumption of products. Support of agriculture is an Island-wide initiative that improves nutritional offerings, promotes local economy and reduces dependence on non-Puerto Rican crops and products.
Local artist from Aguadilla, Naideliz Feliciano, with some of her art pieces.
Puerto Rico has a long tradition of supporting the arts and providing a creative environment for artistic exploration. Recruiting a new generation of artists, graphic designers, web developers, photographers, and others will ensure the stability of the arts community throughout the island.

Expand Tourism to include the West Coast

The West Coast of Puerto Rico has been severely untapped for tourism. 

Puerto Rico must undertake a comprehensive planning of its tourism potential with a particular emphasis on the future development of the west coast.

What will Puerto Rico look like in twenty years?  In fifty years?  We do not know. We do know that failure to plan, invest and transform is not a solution.