Action comes about from a reaction! Puerto Rico One’s goal is to enlist voices from among the 9 million Puerto Ricans from around the world and the countless many who support Puerto Rico’s long-term viability and redevelopment.

The planning for Puerto Rico’s future must be centered in Puerto Rico and supported externally. 

Our mobilization is geared towards supporting the comprehensive planning processes that are currently taking shape on the Island and to stimulate the development of new planning processes to address head the many obstacles that impede long term economic development and job growth.

We must mobilize where we are to advocate for greater attention to the developing needs of the Puerto Rican people and for the long-term stability necessary for economic development and sustained growth.

We must use public forum afforded to us outside of Puerto Rico to influence public opinion, to push for investments, and to ensure that government funding continues to be a component necessary for meeting the basic needs of Puerto Ricans.

We encourage socially responsible investments in Puerto Rico that will build the Puerto Rico of the future.