Puerto Rico has a long tradition of supporting the arts and providing a creative environment for artistic exploration.

Local artists were contracted to publicize the efforts when the Puerto Rican government conduct massive outreach and literacy campaigns. As a result, a new generation of artists using silk screen, lithographs and other mediums was born. Puerto Rico requires a similar effort to support our artist and for the continued development of artistic expression. 

Recruiting a new generation of artists, graphic designers, web developers, photographers, and others will ensure the stability of the arts community throughout the island. 

The many museums around the island is both a tribute to our native artists as well as a symbol of the local tradition to support the arts generally. Since 1876, The Ateneo Puertoriqueño has been promoting and sponsoring exploration and discovery in the sciences, literature, and Fine Arts by Puerto Rican artists. This is a treasure that must be preserved and expanded.

Puerto Rico is known internationally for its music and musician. Before the economic crisis, Puerto Rico had a dedicated funding stream from gambling revenues to support the many music high schools around the island. These schools in turn had partnerships with music colleges and conservatory of music worldwide.  These partnerships allowed Puerto Rican students to enter some of the most prestigious colleges around the world and to participate at all levels of the music industry.  The fear is that the investment in the arts will be dramatically reduced or eliminated as Puerto Rico continues to provide solutions to the fiscal crises and as it responds to natural disasters.  Music is a lifeline for all Puerto Ricans and to sustain a Puerto Rico into the future, we must ensure a steady investment into the arts and for the Puerto Rican artists.  We must have policies at all levels that provides for the artists and their expression.